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David Den Boer
David Den Boer
on Wed, Dec 26, 2018 @ 14:12 PM
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This Year the EPM summit has a new Summit enhancing overlay for VIP attendees seeking the most value from the investment for their organization. It helps attendees connect the dots to apply the lessons learned in real time by going beyond tactical learnings of otherwise random tips and tricks you could expect from a content rich conference, to develop a cohesive Roadmap for their organization. This is a more intensive commitment for the attendees, but it should easily double the value potential of the event to your organization. It’s the glue that helps them position their organization to exploit the Summit more fully.


Finance teams are fresh from the typical budget season, calendar year end close, and key reporting cycles to kick off the new year. Process and technology pain points, as well as opportunities for improvement, are at the forefront of their minds in mid Q1.

The Finance Team Transformation experience seeks to capitalize on these learnings/thoughts to help companies develop a much more effective plan of action around EPM & Analytics going into 2019.


The EPM Leadership Summit includes tracks that focus on both technology and processes, as such, roles spanning IT, Finance, and executive perspectives are equipped with necessary tools, skills and content to aid in advancing an organization’s capability. In order to ensure Your organization, get’s the very most value and momentum from the Summit experience, we want to do our utmost to activate this information for each of  Your Organizations’ benefit.

We believe the best way to benefit from the Summit is to send a comprehensive team from your company to do so. To make the event and those who participate in it to a greater degree more appealing, we will offer a more intensive VIP experience free to those organizations sending 5 or more people. (Don’t have 5? Your organization can participate in the VIP sessions for an additional $1000 per person. 

What you get: Extra sessions daily and special networking round tables with other VIP organizations. Share senior leadership tips, process tips and other insights in a smaller group that may not come up in other sessions. Have breakfast each morning in the VIP area, special VIP sessions in the afternoon each day, and additional networking opportunities exclusively for VIP attendees.


Pre-Event kick off: focus on setting the stage for value. By default, attendees chart their own course to consume content as they determine is best for them. We could influence their experience by asking provocative questions about how the approach they took to implementation may have embedded deep seated defects that served to constrain the value potential. This could put them on the “lookout” for key value discussions in the coming sessions.

Day 1: Historical views, focus on looking back: how has their experience been? What pain points are they looking to resolve? What are the root causes for those pain points? How should they go about solving those (Band-Aids vs strategic roadmap ). Maybe go through the performance report card, and the longer survey as homework. They could come away with a list of informed observations about how well the system has performed and how effective their process is. This would be considered the “discovery phase” and objective review of how they got where they are.

Day 2: Status Quo: What do they think about their current level of EPM functionality? Do they think they’re on the right course? (by now Your Organizations/attendees realize they have so much to learn, are behind the curve, etc). What might be a more efficient way to manage the BPC/EPM/Analytics operations? Go through the wheel mapping exercise to illustrate how the current design coverage contains many opportunities for expansion/simplification. Do a quick survey exercise to compare their organization to the rest of the VIP pool on TCO (I can come up with this before Feb). I think this would help identify tactical areas of improvement (if this were the assessment, this would be Stabilize/Optimize tiers of “the mountain”).

Day 3: Future look: Knowing what they know now, how might they structure a roadmap framework to plan for the future? How has this event shaped their thinking? Create a second wheel together that represents the right modules for their company, and how they could gain efficiencies while expanding coverage of their solution. This would help them identify what is right for them in the “expand value” stage of EPM maturity.

Deliverable: EPM ROADMAP a condensed version of our 50K EPM assessment and blue print on what to do what’s wrong and a roadmap of how to improve for the future including skill gaps in training and recommended learning path for your team for both IT, BPC Admins and additional Testing and skills gap tests for your users.

You will come away with tangible evidence to have these more sophisticated discussions and be more effective EPM/Analytics advocates within their organization around Model (process coverage of their solution landscape), Audience (Your Organization satisfaction and empowerment), and Time (how to increase process efficiency and effectiveness).


Client Assumptions:

Client Pays for 4 Full prices and 5th is Free.

Clint must do Video Testimonials from each attendee onsite

Client Must agree to do Case study – Following Year – Plus Webinar

For best results attending team should include:

Sr. Finance Leadership: 1 recommended

Sample titles: CFO, VP Finance, or Dir of FP&A (large organization) or Controller (large organization)…CIO/VP IT for large organization

Responsibility Area: Process owner for Planning (budgeting/forecasting), management reporting, financial close process

Relevant perspectives: charged with optimizing investments (software, services) in analytics and EPM processes. Seek to operate those processes in increasing proficiency, value and influence. May be considering merits of SAP centric strategies vs other solutions to fulfill organizational analytics goals.

EPM Administrator/Power user: 2 recommended

Sample titles: BPC Admin, Sr. Finance Analyst, Finance Systems Analyst, Dir FP&A (smaller organization), or other business side power user for EPM solution

Responsibility Area: Solution owner for BPC/EPM solution configuration/operation, operational process owner for budgeting, forecasting, or financial close

Relevant perspectives: looking to increase knowledge on BPC configuration/operation. Advise on design issues, ROI/business value/business case contributor, advise on performance and stability concerns, identify justification to migrate to new versions

Technical System Administrator: 1 recommended

Sample titles: IT Infrastructure analyst, DBA, Financial Systems Analyst (IT side), Financial Systems COE, Enterprise architect

Responsibility area: configure and maintain SAP/BPC/analytics infrastructure. Manage server solutions, optimize performance, solution integration

Relevant perspectives: stability and TCO of SAP BPC solution, performance/scalability, DR/HA configuration, cloud deployment, integration with SAP stack


 Value of the assessment that is conducted is estimated at 15K ,  the knowledge you will gain priceless. This package also includes VIP access to the Tuesday Night Networking cocktail hour and the Wednesday night VIP Magic Show and Celebrity Meet and Greet!  www.epmsummit.com for details.  


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