•  EPM International, a unique international network of specialist consultancies focused on Enterprise Performance Management (including Column5 in the UK and USA), has gathered publicly available information on the elapsed days taken to report year-end results and complete year-end audit sign off for over 1,000 of the world’s largest companies over the past 17 years. This report focuses on the UK results of this research.
  • Carnival and Unilever are once again first and second in the UKFTSE100 (reporting 20 and 26 elapased days), while British Sky Broadcasting and Diageo are equal third at 28 elapsed days. Renishaw ranks first in the FTSE250 ranking by reporting in 27 elapsed days.
  • In the European Top 100, ASML (Netherlands) ranks first with 18 days, while Philips Electronics (Netherlands) and SAP (Germany) are tied for second, reporting in 24 days.

  • Taiwan Semi Conductor Manufacturing is first in rankings for the Global 100, reporting in 12 elapsed days.

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