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Additional 20% discount offered to organisations sending 4 or more delegates.
Early Bird Delegate Cost - Per Person - Ends May 24th  £  700.00
Early Bird Bulk Discount - 4 or more 20% discount -  Ends May 24th  £  560.00
Delegate Cost - Per Person  £  950.00
Bulk Discount - 4 or more 20% discount  £  760.00

Conference highlights


The first day and a half of the EPM Summit consist of customer case studies, roundtables and informative sessions covering a variety of business (business/power user), strategic (executive), and technical content. Multiple SAP EPM end-user presentations are included that will detail the real-life experiences of these end-users with BPC, FC, SAC and other SAP EPM solutions. There will also be experts from SAP AG present, briefing attendees on the future of SAP EPM solutions and explaining the roadmaps for all the current EPM solutions.

The second half of day 2 has a mix of practical hands-on training sessions so you can experience and learn about key elements of the next generation SAP EPM solutions (SAP Analytics Cloud, Analysis for Office, Darwin EPM BPC Accelerators) as well as sessions designed for the Executive to help determine strategies for maximising value from investments in SAP EPM and determining the optimal road map and business case for further investment.

These expert sessions and networking opportunities make this the only SAP EPM focused user event of the year in EMEA with comprehensive coverage of all the key SAP EPM solutions, both on premise and cloud.

C5 Leadership Summit 2019-1
Covering the widely used SAP EPM on-premise solutions, SAP BPC and SAP FC as well as the exciting new Cloud SAP EPM solutions, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and S4HANA Group Reporting, this 2 day event will be held on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th June, 2019 at the etc.venues world class conference facilities at Fenchurch Place, in the heart of the historic City of London.



100+ premium educational webinars available via Summit Online for you to view year-round!

Access to the EPM Summit Online (www.column5.tv) comes with the purchase of a ticket to the EMEA EPM Leadership Summit. Each quarter, new sessions are added to make sure you are up to date on the latest trends and best practices all year long!


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Business Functional 

Track focused on users and administrators that are hands-on with BPC, FC and SAP Analytics Cloud.  Topics include features & functions, logic, report writing, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, project considerations, etc. These sessions are designed to help develop deeper skills with the BPC,  FC and SAC solutions and are presented by Column5 experts.


Content covers critical information about the platform, stability, performance, and technical landscape & configurations. Topics covered include concepts related to performance tuning, disaster recovery, installations, integrations, troubleshooting for all versions of BPC, FC and Analytics Cloud


Content built for those responsible for setting the SAP EPM agenda for the organization. Topics relate to understanding the value BPC, FC, SAC, Group Reporting and EPM can and should be contributing to an organization, defining the vision for BPC and SAC and a technical roadmap, discussion of best practices around EPM processes, the roadmap to realize the vision, as well as measuring success.



Our in-person format, unique event space, and conference activities allow attendees to personally interact with users, industry and product experts, network with peers and experts from other organisations using SAP BPC and SAP EPM and take their EPM knowledge and community resource base to a deeper level.

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