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Does BPC Fit into your

Analytics Future?

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18th August 2021   |   8 AM PT - 11 AM ET - 4 PM BST


Join this webinar to discover under which circumstances BPC is a good fit and where alternatives should be considered.


Few solutions have earned a track record supporting challenging planning & analysis requirements for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) as venerable as BPC has. However admirable a 20+ year life span is in enterprise software, a lot has changed over that time in terms of technology, business processes, and the expectations for analytics capabilities. There can be no doubt that BPC has achieved much and is still a powerful platform in many client situations.

Given changing expectations, however, it is healthy for current BPC users to reevaluate BPC’s ability to support advancing requirements against a range of options in the EPM (and now: xP&A) solution market.

Whether your organization is aggressively evaluating changes in the near term or hasn’t begun developing a vision for more mature analytics, this webinar covers a pragmatic approach to reviewing your options. These options include how to validate your solution landscape’s (including BPC) ability to support needed process activities plus alternatives for analytics functions within your organization.

Join Column5’s panel of leading BPC experts and get answers to your questions. Let us help you find the best solution for your organization and take ownership of your analytics solution



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The Speakers

David Den Boer
CEO and Founder, Column5 Consulting
Steve Sussman
Vice President Sales, Column5 Consulting

18th August 2021   |   Live Webinar   |   8 AM PT | 11 AM ET | 4 PM BST


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