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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Planning Webinar

Using SAC with S/4 HANA to Automate and Improve Your Financial Planning and Analysis Processes
June 7, 2023
Live Webinar
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Empowering Everyone in Key Planning & Analysis Disciplines

SAC Planning Webinar for S/4 HANA Customers


In this one hour webinar, co-hosted by Column5 Consulting and SAP, you will learn how customers are using SAP’s prebuilt content for SAP Analytics Cloud, integrated with S/4 HANA to improve FP&A processes. As well, you will learn how SAC enables finance and accounting teams to access real time data from across the organization to support easy creation of financial statements (Balance Sheet, P/L, Cash Flow, etc.), identification of trends and uncovers insights to help optimize financial performance. 


During this free 60-minute online event, you'll be able to:


Icono 2 WSAP  Understand How to Integrate SAC Planning Models with S/4HANA

Explore pre-built SAC planning models which are designed to integrate with S/4HANA, accelerating implementation and time to value.


icono 3 WSAP  See a Live Demo of SAC Planning Content for S/4HANA

Interacting with S/4 data in the plan has never been easier with pre-built content for Workforce Planning, FP&A, Sales Planning, and other planning, reporting and analysis processes.


Icono 2 WSAP  Learn About Best Practice Implementations

Discuss next steps for exploring how to leverage SAC to automate and improve your planning, reporting and analysis processes, while integrating with your S/4HANA environment. 



The Speakers

Chris Clay SAP - Photo
Chris Clay
Senior Director - Global CoE, SAP
Mark Burke SAP - Photo
Mark Burke
Product Manager - SAP Labs
Sean Johnson SAP - Photo
Sean Johnson
Sr. Director, Global Center of Excellence - SAP
Steve Sussman
VP Sales, Column5 Consulting
Hunter Moore
VP Solutions, Column5 Consulting


Wednesday, June 7th:  11am - 12pm EDT  |  4pm - 5pm BST


Welcome to the Webinar
Short introduction to the Webinar
Integrating SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) with S/4HANA
SAP's Product Manager from SAP Labs will discuss how Rapid Planning & Analysis content for SAC is integrated with your S/4HANA environment.
Live Demo of SAC Planning Content for S/4HANA
See a live demo of Rapid Planning & Analysis content for SAC, addressing Workforce Planning, FP&A and Sales Planning use cases.
Suggested Next Steps
Recommended Next Steps for your organization to get started with leveraging the Rapid Planning & Analysis content.
Register for the Webinar

Please note that this content is focused on the needs and concerns of client organizations. Consultants from professional services organizations are encouraged to attend sessions focused on knowledge transfer for their needs, and as such may have their registrations rejected.

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