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How SAP Disclosure Management
adds value to EPM 

Save Time & Cost on Report Production

Learn how to dramatically slash external report production time, effort and cost in the SAP EPM world with SAP Disclosure Management.  How can organisations manage the production of external reports and accounts – the “last mile of reporting” – without wasting valuable time? This session will explain how the SAP Disclosure Management solution adds real value to the corporate finance SAP BPC or SAP BFC consolidation tools. 

What is SAP’s Disclosure Management? A solution that facilitates an auditable, compliant workflow that reduces the time, risk and cost associated with:
  • financial and non-financial regulatory statements
  • disclosures
  • corresponding XBRL submissions
  • other associated output formats. 
Learn how DNB, Norway’s largest financial group, dramatically improved report production time, effort and cost by implementing SAP Disclosure Management.

Why you should care:

  • Learn how to improve report production time, effort, and cost 

  • Get more value from your EPM portfolio including SAP BPC and SAP BFC

  • We've helped with thousands of implementations for diverse companies and industries, we know SAP Disclosure Management!