SAP Strategy Management (SSM) Deliver on Corporate Strategy with Enterprise-Wide Alignment

Strategy-Column5Today's fast-paced business environment puts a premium on responsiveness to internal and external changes—but it's not just about calling more meetings and examining additional metrics. Implementing SAP Strategy Management (SSM) with Column5 empowers business users at all levels to rapidly align resources to execute on strategies, understand risk and drive efficiency and profitability.

SSM supports executive leadership in fostering an organizational mindset aligned on effective performance—and creating a foundation of collaboration, accountability and risk management. By linking strategic plans to initiatives, performance measures and people, SSM provides clear, results-oriented approaches that can be executed vertically and horizontally within your organization.

Ultimately, SSM bridges the gap between strategy and execution. Are you spending time on the right projects? Are you measuring what matters? Do you know how you will achieve your objectives? SSM helps your organization answer these questions—and creates a framework in which you can make the decisions that will bring your strategies to fruition.

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