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How to make BPC knowledge stick! Lessons from British American Tobacco and DFDS

Product Focused

eLearning with SAP BPC

The key challenges to maximizing ROI when deploying EPM solutions are end user adoption and knowledge transfer. Time and time again we hear about problems SAP EPM adopters are experiencing because they just cannot get users to engage properly with their new EPM solutions or acquire the knowledge to fully exploit them. Column5's EPM Academy has developed unique solutions for accelerating and retaining SAP BPC knowledge for our clients, driving higher levels of end user adoption.

This webcast will include powerful and truly interactive eLearning for specific modules of SAP BPC, like the EPM report writer. It will also feature eLearning customized to train end users in new EPM business processes and the supporting SAP BPC technology. Join us to learn more and hear about how two key EPM Academy customers are using eLearning to raise their game on knowledge transfer.

Join us to learn more and hear about how two key EPM Academy customers, British American Tobacco Plc and DFDS A/S are exploiting eLearning to raise their game on knowledge transfer.

10 Things You Need to Know about SAP BPC Embedded

Product Focused

SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded is the newest version of BPC, combining the best functionality from SAP BW IP (Integrated Planning) and SAP BPC Microsoft and NetWeaver Standard (the versions BPC users know and love) to provide a new set of exciting options for delivering Enterprise Performance Management in the HANA environment. Join our experts to learn the 10 things you need to know about Embedded, including:

  • Upgrade options
  • Key differences
  • Key advantages
  • Learnings from Embedded implementation experiences to date

You will leave the webcast knowing what to consider when developing your roadmap and choosing the right SAP EPM platform.   

SAP BPC CapEx Planning with Darwin EPM

Product Focused

Learn how Column5 has worked with our partner firm, Darwin EPM, to produce a breakthrough evolution in SAP BPC CapEx Planning. The webcast will highlight how SAP BPC can be leveraged alongside Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) best practices to tackle all the key requirements for Capital Expenditure planning and approval across your organization year-round. The combination of the integrated EPM platform of SAP BPC combined with the pre-packaged and fast to deploy Darwin EPM CapEx capability represents an unbeatable and high value combination for SAP BPC customers.

See how Darwin EPM CapEx powered by SAP BPC offers:

  • Capital Project White-boarding: Keep it High Level
  • Capital Project Evaluation and Approvals; Project Financials and Measures and a clear approval process
  • Capital Project Execution and Maintenance; Detailed Budgeting and Forecasting of costs and fast and effective monitoring against actual spend
  • Dashboards and Reports that support your CapEx planning and CapEx performance management, enhancing analysis at the individual project and the organizational level
  • Project and Asset Planning Integration which empowers finance organizations not only to project capital cash flows, but also the impact of capital project asset acquisitions, retirements, etc. on depreciation in the income statement.

    “We have never had a SAP BPC solution like this, the end users appreciate the exceptionally friendly user interfaces and work flow while we were able to configure, integrate and deploy the Darwin solution in a matter of weeks. This has transformed our view of the additional value we can get from SAP BPC.”

How SAP Disclosure Management Adds Value to EPM

Case Study
1-1-5-dnb-rgb-solid-220x113.jpgLearn how to dramatically slash external report production time, effort and cost in the SAP EPM world with SAP Disclosure Management.  How does SAP DM adds value to BPC and BFC deployments? How can organisations manage the production of external reports and accounts – the “last mile of reporting” – without wasting valuable time? This session will explain how the SAP Disclosure Management solution adds real value to the corporate finance EPM portfolio especially when used with SAP BPC or SAP BFC consolidation tools. SAP’s Disclosure Management is a solution that facilitates an auditable, compliant workflow that reduces the time, risk and cost associated with the production and approval of both financial and non-financial regulatory statements, disclosures, corresponding XBRL submissions, and other associated output formats. Learn how DNB, Norway’s largest financial group, dramatically improved report production time, effort and cost by implementing SAP Disclosure Management.