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Re-inventing the Financial Close: SAP Group Reporting Briefing

Column5 is pleased to invite you to an SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting briefing. We have organized an inter-active virtual event, featuring speakers from both Column5, SAP and our EPM International Partners. Here you will find out more about and see demonstrated the new S/4HANA solution for Group Reporting and consolidation, which uses the ´Universal Journal´ concept to create a single source of truth for financial and management accounting data, from transaction to consolidated close. 




Webinar Series Part 4: IFRS Consolidation Made Simple with SAP BPC and Darwin EPM

Join this webinar to learn how IFRS and Management Consolidation is being made simple at a Middle Eastern Health Group using SAP BPC and Darwin EPM.
Having invested in SAP for digital finance Transformation a key question was how best to perform multi-GAAP consolidation for monthly and annual financial reporting while automating and simplifying the whole consolidation process. Join to hear the options considered and how goals are being achieved using Darwin on SAP BPC.




Webinar Series Part 3: Moving SAP BPC Legacy Solutions to Google Cloud for Extended Value

Watch this webinar to learn how moving to the Google Cloud extends the value and capability of legacy BPC consolidation and reporting systems for companies like G4S Plc. The development of the cloud and the G4S digital strategy raised the question of BPC’s continued viability as their Global Consolidation solution. In this webinar learn how G4S are extending the life of BPC and plans to gain additional value by moving to Google Cloud”.




Webinar Series Part 2: Automating Challenging Analytics Finance Processes

Watch this webinar to hear how customers have taken BPC to new levels in the automation and integration of digital finance processes.You will hear how a Pharmaceutical Company successfully uses BPC to drive complex Transfer Pricing while integrating with main stream BPC financial reporting systems, how a large national Telecommunications company drives complex allocations through BPC into its reporting solutions, how a major global insurance company supports global complex Human Capital Management and how all of these organisations see the evolution of the roadmap for continued digital finance transformation with SAP.