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Webinar Series Part 4: Moving BPC to the Cloud

Define what cloud means to your company. Explore the various benefits of a cloud solution and how those can be applied to your existing investment in BPC. Find out how Column5 has enabled BPC to run off prem, in a public or private cloud deployment. Explore flexible operating models, including leveraging Column5 Managed Services to outsource IT and administrative tasks.



Webinar Series Part 3: Leverage SAC & BPC as an Integrated Solution

Learn about the latest Visualization, Planning, Modeling, Predictive and AI features of SAC as well as best practices for leveraging an existing foundation in BPC with complementary innovative features of SAC. We’ll also cover native integration between BPC and SAC, and how Darwin EPM can help build a bridge between the two solutions, tightening the integration and preserving previous investment customers have made in BPC. 




Webinar Series Part 2: Does Your Technology Strategy Have ROI?

Column5 share their recommendations for establishing your internal road map with a clear path to ROI and connecting business requirements to your technology strategy.  We’ll also cover how to leverage your existing investment in BPC and taking advantage of new innovations in SAP's Road Map. 




Webinar Series Part 1: Clarifying the SAP Roadmap

Hear the latest Planning & Analytics and Consolidations Roadmap from SAP.  Discover what SAP has planned for different versions of BPC, and when solutions like SAC and Group Reporting are appropriate options to consider.  We’ll discuss the importance of exploring different options to align your strategy with SAP's product Roadmap.