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It’s time to innovate Transfer Pricing with SAP BPC and Darwin EPM!

Posted by Lena Wojewodzka on Aug 1, 2019 3:01:35 AM

Transfer pricing is one of the largest drivers of a company’s effective tax rate and is a hot topic due to the significant increase in transfer pricing reporting requirements – especially as BEPS and OECD measures are enacted across the globe. These extensive changes in international cooperation, as well as shorter deadlines, greater frequency, and closer scrutiny of transfer pricing in tax audits, have made transfer pricing the most significant tax issue for multi-national corporations.

At Column5, we have successfully worked with a US listed International Pharmaceutical Company to deliver a transfer pricing automation solution that dramatically improves the transfer pricing “true-up” adjustment calculation process, delivers fast processing and puts the development and maintenance of the complex calculations involved in the hands of tax team users.
This webcast will explain how we did that, the challenges faced, and the business benefits and innovation delivered. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to innovate Transfer Pricing processes using SAP BPC and Darwin EPM.

Lena Wojewodzka, Senior Consultant and Head of the SAC Centre of Excellence, Column5 EMEA
David JH Jones, Managing Director, Column5 EMEA