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How BPC users are successfully exploiting SAP Analytics Cloud to add new dimensions of value to their BPC Applications

Posted by Lena Wojewodzka on May 9, 2019 1:27:59 AM

Hear from the Column5 SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) centre of excellence how SAP BPC customers are adding whole new dimensions of value to their BPC applications. Direct connectivity between BPC and SAC is bringing rapidly deployed and leading-edge analytics and predictive capability to on-premise BPC applications and opening-up their BPC data to new classes of end users with new levels of actionable intelligence.
During the webinar we will discuss and demonstrate the value of the direct connectivity between SAC and BPC, how the connectivity is established, the ease of creating dynamic and insightful dashboards and analysis in SAC and how end users, both finance and non-finance, can gain additional insight and intelligence on the BPC information. All based on our practical experience to date of working with customers to add value to their BPC applications with SAC.

Lena Wojewodzka, Senior Consultant and Head of the SAC Centre of Excellence, Column5 EMEA
David JH Jones, Managing Director, Column5 EMEA
Hunter Moore, Director of Solutions, Column5 Consulting