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How Telefonica UK (O2) improved SAP BPC performance by 90% while bringing back in-house maintenance

“Simple genius” helps SAP BPC at a leading UK digital communications company

Logos-Telefonica-o2-300dpi.jpgTelefonica UK (O2) has used SAP BPC to support management reporting and performance management since 2014. BPC performed well, but as usage and data volumes grew significantly, BPC “batch” processes slowed dramatically.

The logic scripts that were integral to BPC for cost allocation, automated processing and other key calculations created some very practical challenges. The logic scripts with BADI’s were difficult to support, and changes required system integrator input. In addition, the performance of the logic scripts and BADI’s were becoming a critical issue as users were demanding more and more speed in results production and analysis and shorter response times when business requirements changed. Addressing these changes became essential to keeping BPC relevant and avoid Excel work rounds being deployed.

Telefonica UK (O2) solved both the maintenance and performance challenges by using some “simple genius” from Darwin EPM and Column5 Consulting.

Watch as Benet Gillespie, Senior Finance Manager – Reporting & Planning Systems at Telefonica UK (O2) explains how he used the Darwin EPM solution to apply “simple genius” to solve his business needs, delivering easier BPC maintenance and dramatically higher performance.