SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Business Intelligence (BI): Strategic Tools to Leverage your EPM, ERP and CRM Investments

When it comes to managing your organization's data, challenges abound—from spreadsheet proliferation and multiple departmental systems to data inaccessibility and conflicts between reporting results. Column5 creates a strategic, cross-functional platform for your EPM, ERP and CRM investments with SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Business Intelligence (BI).

EIM provides an end-to-end process for managing all of the data-centric processes and activities in your organization: data architecture, data integration, data structures, data management and data governance. BI encompasses critical functions such as enterprise visualization, presentation layer and analytic capabilities, including semantic layer, reporting and analysis and advanced analytics.

Together, these two strategic tools meet the needs of diverse audiences, personalized and relevant to C-level, senior and operational management, as well as power users, analysts and information consumers. They enable fact-based decision making; past, present and future perspectives; root cause identification and prevention; and, perhaps most important, a single version of the truth based on the official source of record.

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