Trust. Experience. Innovation. Leadership.

Column5's EPM approach sets the standard for breadth of vision in the Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) community. Achieving long-term success with an EPM program within your company requires more than automating Excel spreadsheets — it's a matter of building a culture of performance management within your company. Our belief is that an EPM Center of Excellence is the best way to accomplish that. Most companies recognize the value of such a strategy, but aren't able to focus the resources required to research and apply new processes, optimize technical tools, and fine tune their approach to performance management. Column5 seeks to earn the role of trusted advisor, and to fulfill the function of your company's BPC Solution Manager and ultimately your EPM Center of Excellence. Our organizational structure, services, expertise and visionary blueprints for EPM provide a comprehensive ability to positively impact your company's performance. We do more than assess results in terms of time saved with automation: We turn EPM into a competitive advantage that drives measurable increases in profit and value for your organization. Column5 was founded in 2005, led by the senior team that built OutlookSoft's internal consulting group, and has delivered hundreds of seamless customer implementations. Today, we build on this tradition of expertise by fielding a global team of professionals who possess an unrivaled depth of experience to deliver ongoing success, whether through a fresh implementation or improving on third-party implementations. We leverage these hard-earned qualifications to lead the SAP EPM and BPC Solutions market — and we continually make strategic investments to keep raising the bar.
  • Visionary research & development programs
  • Expansive internal environment, supporting hundreds of product version/platform combinations
  • Advance ramp-up partner on new SAP technologies
  • Exclusive new technology and starter kit development
  • Proven management consulting approaches and resources
  • Technical delivery of best practices development and leadership
  • Active ecosystem that focuses on education to promote client empowerment
  • In-house technical services & extended support teams
  • In-house EPM Academy training department
  • Column5-exclusive EPM Leadership Summit

Validated by a proven record of innovation and leadership, vendor accolades and recognition by leading analysts, Column5 has gained the trust of many of the world's elite and emerging enterprises — and, in the process, earned a reputation as the global leader in EPM solution enablement and a respected source of best practice information. If you want the most from your EPM solution, contact Column5 today.