SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation (BPC): A Single Technology Platform for your Business Processes

Streamline planning and achieve a faster, more accurate close with our BPC software

Spend more time growing your business and less time closing the books – with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. The BPC software delivers planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation capabilities in a single application. Easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up budget and closing cycles, and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards.


Why SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation?

BPC software provides planning, budgeting, financial forecasting, and consolidation tools that can keep up with the fast pace of business – today and tomorrow.    

  • Make better decisions based on what-if analyses and scenario planning
  • Use collaboration tools to improve accountability and planning accuracy
  • Shrink cycle times, close the books faster, and align your plans with strategic goals
  • Get real-time access to data in SAP S/4HANA Finance
  • Run on your platform of choice – Microsoft or SAP NetWeaver

CFOs and executive teams are under constant pressure to maximize profitability, reduce operational costs, minimize risk, and improve stakeholder confidence. SAP Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is the industry-leading technology solution that's up to the task.

With BPC, Column5 helps your organization integrate processes and technologies into a single platform that supports top-down and bottom-up budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting activities. As a result, you can plan and monitor the business more effectively, enable better decision making and free your skilled resources to carry out higher-value work than crunching the numbers. Equally important, you'll improve cross-organization collaboration and increase responsiveness to dynamic business environments.

To minimize training and IT resources, BPC provides a business-user-friendly interface that integrates with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, whether it's implemented on a Microsoft or NetWeaver platform. On the back end, BPC increases transparency and expedites financials filing with the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) add-on, and enables statutory consolidation in compliance with GAAP, IAS, IFRS, FASB, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Functional Capabilities

  • Unified planning and consolidation
    Save time and reduce errors with a single, integrated software solution for business planning and consolidation.
  • Microsoft Office, Web, and mobile reporting
    Engage stakeholders across finance and throughout the enterprise with Microsoft Excel, HTML5, and mobile reporting interfaces.
  • Budgeting and forecasting
    Use what-if modeling and scenario planning to assess budget suitability in real time. Build forecast models and quickly update and adjust forecasts as needed.
  • Built-in financial intelligence
    Automate aggregations, allocations, and other manual processes to speed up planning cycles. Run what-if scenarios to identify quick course corrections.
  • Legal and management consolidations
    Deliver a fast and accurate close by automating the consolidation process. Meet all financial reporting requirements, including a complete audit trail.
  • Prepackaged Business Planning and Consolidation content
    Rapidly implement a best-in-class solution with prepackaged industry and functional content for all types of planning – from capital to strategic planning. Take advantage of financial consolidation starter kits for IFRS and U.S. GAAP regulations.
  • Self-reliance and accountability
    Foster self-reliance among business users by providing them with a finance tool built specifically for finance – and managed by finance.

Technical Capabilities

  • Unified with SAP ERP
    Reduce data duplication and cost of ownership by leveraging existing data warehouse objects. Ensure consistency across the enterprise with direct access to master data and actuals in SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA Finance.
  • Powered by SAP HANA
    Accelerate planning and consolidation processing with SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver. Leverage blazing fast in-memory technology to remove calculation delays from the critical path.
  • Available in the cloud
    Harness the power of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to cut costs and deploy SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation software in a managed cloud environment.
  • Open integration
    Seamlessly integrate data and master data from both SAP and non-SAP sources into your financial planning and consolidation environment.


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