HANA is a powerful and innovative platform for hosting SAP BPC. At the most basic level HANA is a high performance in-memory database appliance. Column5 has expansive experience implementing BPC on HANA. Is this platform right for your company? 

What is HANA?

At its core, HANA is a database; you can run standard SQL queries against it. The HANA database holds all its data in-memory, meaning that data access and processing is very fast.  As a result of the in-memory architecture and database design, query performance is stunning.  HANA is delivered as pre-configured hardware with the software installed.  As an alternative to purchasing a physical device a HANA appliance is available in the cloud.  HANA in the cloud is hosted by SAP, Amazon, and a handful of other cloud service providers. 

How can HANA be used?

  • Pure HANA – HANA analytic applications can be developed on top of any data source.
  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW) on HANA – Starting with SAP NW 7.3 SPS05 you can replace the relational database underlying a BW system with the SAP HANA database. 
  • HANA based RDS – SAP has developed a number of rapid-deployment solutions on HANA. These include pre-configured software and implementation services. 
  • BPC NW on HANA  BPC NW is available on HANA. BPC gains from the improved performance of the in memory database over the previous traditional relational database which would have been used. 

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