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SAP BFC & Intercompany reconciliation - best practices

Now available on-demand!

Intercompany reconciliation – Best practice processes and systems: SAP BFC and SAP Intercompany

*Please note that this webcast has already occured and is available for on-demand viewing in our Webcast Library.  You can register for acccess to the Webcast Library on the right

  • Intercompany reconciliation is still, arguably, the biggest bottleneck in the financial close process posing substantial challenges for corporate finance teams.

  • This webcast examines the pain points around intercompany and how organisations can re-engineer processes and use technology to make significant gains in achieving a leaner, faster and more accurate reconciliation process. 

  • We will present a case study from DNB, Norway’s largest1-1-5-dnb-rgb-solid-220x113.jpg
    financial services group, to demonstrate how peer-to-peer intercompany reconciliation using SAP technology can significantly reduce the burden on corporate finance - saving days from the financial close.

  • Learn about:

    • Web based peer-to-peer, real time reconciliation
    • Communication tools and monitoring the process
    • Integration with consolidation tools
  •  There will also be a Q&A session with our SAP EPM experts

  • We look forward to presenting this webcast to you! 

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