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SAP Cloud Analytics
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SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly SAP BusinessObjects Cloud) is a new generation of cloud analytics combining all capabilities – including planning, predictive analytics & business intelligence in a single-software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Customers can take advantage of a modern, intuitive user experience—and save time by planning, analyzing, predicting, and collaborating in context.   

SAP Analytics Cloud is a new generation of SaaS that provides all analytics capabilities for all users in one product.

  1. Key Reasons to Switch to Cloud:
     Discover, visualize, plan and predict in one product versus separate point solutions
     Answer all your business questions whether you’re in the boardroom or in front of the customer
     Access all data – big and small – to uncover new insights that enrich your analytics
  2. Experience
     Experience a better way to analyze data, designed around people, not engineering
     Anticipate and respond to new business challenges and opportunities with no delay
     Navigate seamless workflows to find insights at the point of decision and act in real-time
  3. Trust
     Trust your data is safe with the world’s largest provider of analytics and enterprise applications
     Ask any question at any time, with any number of users, instantly
     Meet your specific business needs with application extensions that leverage an industry-standard cloud platform

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