EPM InternationalColumn5 Consulting is a proud member of EPM International, a unique network of consulting organisations who focus exclusively on Financial Transformation and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The EPM International network is based upon trusted, long term relationships and a track record of delivering successful cross-border projects with multi-national teams. EPMi members have common values, shared focus on Finance and EPM and pool their intellectual capital, research, resources and methods, to increase sustainable value for their clients. EPM International’s collaborative thought leadership, agile resourcing model, and deep expertise in EPM enables it to create international project teams able to deliver some of the world's largest and most challenging EPM projects.

EPM International is the only global, integrated Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consulting network.  The EPM International consortium consists of five leading EPM consultancies with a total of 600 EPM-specialized consultants across multiple European, North American and Asian countries.  EPMi members work with a number of diverse companies, across multiple industries including many of the world’s largest multinational corporations.

In addition to contributing its expertise and resources, Column5 co-produces the Global Close Cycle Rankings Report with EPM International each year and uses this report with clients to benchmark current efficiency against the market and create a road map to drive significant benefits including process efficiency, quality improvements, standardization of systems and processes and enhanced analysis capabilities of performance. Discover more about the Close Cycle Rankings Report and how it can help your organization.


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