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December 12, 2019


The hot new Executive track at the next EPM Summit Event


We’re excited to announce a breakthrough new track at the 2020 EPM Summit Events: Finance Transformation.   

Customers frequently tell us they expect transformational results when they invest in EPM software, yet few know where to begin. Traditional definitions of Finance Transformation  and software implementation objectives are typically mutually exclusive…and for this reason fail to maximize value opportunities.  We seek to change the status quo results realized by customers investing in SAP EPM solutions.  

 Expand your peripheral vision and uncover hidden value in your Finance Processes.   

The psychology of change resistance: When making changes, anxiety at all levels of an organization can thwart even the best of visions. This can happen when there is an incomplete understanding or alignment to the change initiative, but it can also happen based on very real psychological conditions present in even top performers. Learn why this happens in detail and strategies to hedge against this notorious project killer. Prepare your project team and sponsors to embrace change and transform finance and your results.  

We’ll discuss topics such as: Building a business case for finance transformation; Quantifying hidden Value in Finance Processes; How to reshape the structure of your finance team; and Best practices for transformation as it relates to your technology platform.  

Shatter assumptions that lock in valueless iterations of the same process that was likelfirst adopted at the advent of Excel spreadsheets. We will explore specific blueprints for advanced analytics and talk about the team structure at the activity level needed to sustain value returned to your business into the future.  Hear how resources can be squandered throughout your analytics infrastructure with inefficient designs that reinforce the status quo vs enable transformative change.  

The Finance Transformation track will wrap up with discussions on key areas where the power of AI can achieve process execution capabilities that were simply not possible previously. Go beyond the novelty AI features pitched in smoke and mirror demos and gimmicky features that have been available for 20 years or more repackaged as transformational to a real discussion about how your organization can embrace this technology to dramatically change your management process.  

The multiple sessions in this track will run continuously throughout the event building on the lessons learned each day.  Part roundtable – part workshop, small group format is conducive to idea sharingrelationship building, asking challenging questions of each other and to form a bond and build comradery to assist you in questioning the status quo and breaking through barriers as a group. 

 Want to Transform your Finance Processes?  

Purchase an EPM Summit Network Membership to get your FREE Pass to the EPM Summit Event and reserve your seat.  Space for the Finance Transformation track is limited to enhance sharing and group interaction.   

NEW: See our Finance Transformation sessions and other Executive, Functional and Technical sessions in our 2020 EPM Summit Agenda.

David Den Boer

Founder, Column5 Consulting



October 9, 2019


APQC holds a Q&A with James (Jay) Giannantonio, EPM advisory principal and senior project manager at Column5 Consulting

APQC, a leading benchmarking, best practices and process and performance improvement member-based firm recently interviewed Column5’s Jay Giannantonio, EPM Advisory Principal.  Jay is a frequent speaker at performance management and CFO process improvement seminars and has an extensive financial management background with PwC, EY, KPMG and the telcom industry.  APQC spoke with Jay as an industry observer for their “Finance Analytics: Building a High-Performance Structure, Tools, and Teams” research project.

Jay insights include:

  • How analytics are changing the work of finance
  • What is different today from what finance has always done
  • Current analytic challenges and What and Who are the biggest enablers


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