SAP BPC Logic Boot Camp

Course Description/Summary:

Column5’s BPC Logic Boot Camp focuses entirely on interacting with logic itself.  We teach attendees how to make sense of the basic and more advanced logic principals, write their own logic and troubleshoot existing logic. This course is platform neutral, applicable for organizations running BPC 10.x for NetWeaver and HANA or Microsoft.


  • Advanced BPC Users and Administrators


  • Overview of different types of logic and their appropriate uses
  • Overview of dimension logic
  • MDX syntax
  • Member formula best practices
  • Overview SQL script logic uses and best practices
  • SQL script logic syntax
  • Basic and advanced script logic concepts including scoping, variables, performance tuning, and multi-model logic
  • The allocation engine structure and syntax
  • Using the allocation engine in a variety of scenarios including allocations based on stored factors, stored data, and drivers
  • Configuring BPC delivered Business Rules