Column5 Services

Column5 - ServicesColumn5 offers a full range of consulting services aimed at helping you achieve improved organizational effectiveness. As the journey may involve a range of work to a greater or lesser extent, from defining the vision, goals and priorities, to the implementation of re-designed business processes using enabling technologies, our services guide you through the entire journey. We aim to provide you with as safe and painless a journey as possible across that bridge from where you are today to where you need to be tomorrow: Improving your organization's agility, flexibility, effectiveness and performance.

Our Management Consulting Services are specific. They are focused at helping clients scope how to improve enterprise performance, what needs to be done and when. Our Technical Services ensure that software investments are properly installed and integrated into your technological environment and function efficiently. Our Solution Implementation Services provide best-of-breed application consulting to help you configure your enabling software solutions. Column5's comprehensive Training Services ensure your staff is ready and able to execute your implemented solutions. This helps to ensure buy-in and lowers the roll-out cost of new processes and technologies. Finally, our Extended Support Services provide you with on-going, long term support for your business critical solutions.

Complementing our consulting services, Column5 provide an active forum to share knowledge and meet others undertaking the same journey with us. We have a full calendar of events and touch points to ensure you remain current, have access to independent analysts, subject matter experts and thought leaders to ensure your investment in us and your program of work keeps providing a return long term.