BPC Administration Training: 11.0 BW/4HANA

Course Description / Summary:

This course includes in-depth instruction on the primary tasks of an administrator of SAP BPC for version 11.0 BW/4HANA.  In this course you will explore creating and running data manager packages and managing environments, models, and dimensions.  You will also discover how to secure dimensions and how to provide users with specific tasks and data profiles.  This course also covers topics on how to streamline business processes by creating process templates and managing Business Process Flows, and much more!


  • BPC Administrators
  • BPC Power Users


  • Experience using Microsoft Excel
  • Familiarity with modeling concepts and data warehousing


  • Configuration
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Analysis
  • Security and Audit
  • Business Process Flows (BPFs) and Work Status
  • Logic Calculations