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Educational in-person and virtual events offered by Column5 (SAP BPC and SAC) experts.
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April 27 & 28 2022
Hands-On Virtual Training | SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Workshop


Column5 Consulting is again teaming with SAP’s Global Center of Excellence to deliver this Free SAP Analytics Cloud Hands-On Workshop.

This 2-part workshop will focus on how organizations today must be able to monitor HR activities that impact the business in real-time, as well as measure the outcomes of strategic people initiatives over time (Chrome browser required).

Learn about SAC's different functions and see its capabilities in action by following along with a real-life demo scenario. We'll explore SAC capabilities including reporting, visualization, driver-based planning, workflow, multi-model linking, and optional integration with SAP BPC. These capabilities are built on the SAP Cloud Platform, powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology - and can be extended to any device.

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SEPT 15 & 16 2021
SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Hands-On Training Workshop

8AM PT | 11AM EDT | 4PM BST 

Column5 Consulting is Teaming with SAP’s Global Center of Excellence to deliver this Free SAP Analytics Cloud Hands-On Workshop. Sign up and learn how to Leverage People Data to Drive Business Results. Join both parts 1 & 2 and learn how you can move your Analytics to a single cloud solution across all your departments. Learn about its different functions and see its capabilities in action by following along with real-life demo scenarios.

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AUG 18 2021
Does BPC Fit into yourAnalytics Future?

8AM PT | 11AM ET | 4PM BST

BPC has been a reliable solution for some customers with up to 20 years of service in their organization. For others, the experience with BPC has too often been a struggle to achieve positive value. In either case, it is healthy to reevaluate BPC’s ability to support advancing requirements against a range of options in the EPM (and now: xP&A) solution market.

Major organizations are reevaluating their use of BPC to determine how and, in some cases, IF BPC fits into their future analytics vision. This webinar will discuss under which circumstances BPC is a good fit and where alternatives should be considered…the range of options available to current BPC users to enable a more complete and high-value analytics capability.

BPC Microsoft End of  Mainstream Maintenance
JUN 16 2021
BPC Microsoft End of Mainstream Maintenance. WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?

8AM PT | 11AM ET | 4PM BST

Are you currently using BPC Microsoft? End of mainstream maintenance is coming in 2024 – do you know what your options are?

Join Column5’s panel of leading BPC experts and get answers to all your questions. Learn how other companies have leveraged their previous investments in BPC while developing a long-term platform for addressing their consolidation, planning, forecasting, and analytics requirements.

Improve BPC Performance by 80%
APR 06 2021
Improve Performance of your BPC Solution by 80% or More

This webinar will address common challenges of SAP BPC and SAC, and how  Darwin EPM Platform unlocks the hidden value organizations struggle to obtain.  
At the center of the Darwin Platform is the  Darwin Calculation Engine (DarCE). 

In this 45 minute Webinar we'll share a short introduction to the Darwin Calc Engine (DarCE), designed to improve development and maintenance of complex business rules and to optimize performance of BPC (Standard and Embedded models) and SAC. This will be followed by a short demo and case studies of how BPC and SAC customers with BW/4HANA, S/4 and other SAP data structures can leverage DarCE to execute business rules on real time data.

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FEB 10 2021
How Telefonica UK implemented and extended driver-based planning in three months with SAP BPC and Darwin EPM
Telefonica, the largest mobile network operator in the UK, set out to develop a more structured and driver based approach to planning for sales revenue, direct, indirect and human resource costs to enable faster re-planning and forecasting and flexible scenario planning.
An additional goal was to integrate these driver-based plans into its extensive SAP BPC based management reporting system. The project was hit by the first UK national lock-down for Covid-19 but it was still implemented successfully in just 3 months.
Join this webinar to learn:
  • How Sales, Opex and Man Power planning were automated and integrated in just 3 months
  • How the new integrated planning solution is enabling rapid re-planning in the current challenging economic environment
  • What were the benefits of choosing Darwin EPM
  • How this project has aligned with Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) principles
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DEC 15 2020
Is EPM Dead? What is XP&A all About, and Why You Should Care?

Join us on this live webinar to learn what is Extended Planning and Analysis (XP&A), a new category recently announced by Gartner. Learn what does XP&A mean for your company, what are the benefits and how other companies are embracing it.

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DEC 09 2020
How to Automate Your Financial Reporting by Integrating SAP BPC with Workiva

8AM PT | 11AM ET | 4PM GMT

Many existing SAP customers are using the Workiva platform to help streamline their processes to meet internal and external reporting demands and requirements. Join us to hear more about how Column5 has partnered with Workiva to develop a more automated and integrated solution between SAP BPC and Workiva. Minimize the manual effort involved in your monthly and quarterly reporting cycles and learn how to leverage the advanced reporting features in the Workiva platform to complement your existing BPC reporting and book publication capabilities.