Telecommunications and EPM

Telecommunications - Column5Service providers and OEMs exist in an era of competition, deregulation and technological change. By improving financial accuracy and planning, EPM solutions can help them reconcile the needs of customers with the demands of improving their infrastructures and competitive positioning.

Of particular challenge for telecoms is balancing the need to make long-term capital bets, while knowing what the incremental costs are on individual customers all while tailoring a plan to maximize network profitability and competitiveness over the long run.

With complex equipment, labor forces, and partnering agreements, understanding the costs of servicing a specific customer can be more difficult than it sounds, particularly when delivering a unified service to end users. By building a performance management network, telecoms can see their costs much more clearly, freeing them to make the right decision every time.

In addition to all the usual challenges of very large companies, telecoms also often have unique cultural challenges. EPM is ideal for helping such organizations transform from a mindset of change resistance to nimble competiveness in the digital network age.

In order to achieve the integrated capability that allows you to prioritize long-term investments and capitalize on short-term opportunities, it's time to make the call to Column5: SAP's largest global partner in EPM solutions.

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