Extended Support

Charles Dagaev
Charles Dagaev,
Global Director,
Technical Services

Column5 Extended Support ensures your organization gets the most from its SAP investment. Our Extended Support experts serve as an extension to both your team and to the vendor's support services—increasing your confidence, reducing costly downtime, and optimizing your performance.

After an initial assessment of server capacity and data, Extended Support offers a wide range of online support sessions and vendor support issue-tracking for technical and application issues. Whether you need answers to "how to" questions, a health check, performance tuning, or an investigation of deeper problems, Column5 Extended Support gives you peace of mind.

Depending on your organizational needs, Extended Support is available in Basic, Enhanced and Premium plans—each of which gives you a preset number of support hours per month. Options include vendor liaison services to see software support issues through to resolution, rapid troubleshooting through the Column5 data center, and guaranteed response times of 24 hours or less.

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