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Buying Services to Run BPC for You

Posted by
Jonathon Pause
Jonathon Pause
on Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 10:12 AM

Buying an Adequate Level of ServiceBuying_Services_to_Run_BPC_for_You.png

Column5 offers many solutions and best practice concepts outlined in numerous blogs and webinars with the intent of supporting clients who wish to cultivate an internal capability to best elicit value from their EPM solutions. While all are recommended for our clients, we understand that for many organizations, being in a confident position to properly support their EPM investment is not easily met immediately after go live. We have found some clients looking for assistance with adhering to these best practices, or a little extra bandwidth to supply additional continued support post go-live. In response to these requests, Column5 has assembled a number of services designed to fill any gaps in your EPM deployment plan.

Extended Support:

Extended Support offers a wide range of online support sessions and vendor support issue-tracking for technical Business-000059985032_Small.jpgand application issues. Whether you need answers to "how to" questions, a health check, performance tuning, or an investigation of deeper problems, Column5 Extended Support gives you peace of mind. Depending on your organizational needs, Extended Support is available in Basic, Enhanced, and Premium plans—each of which gives you a preset number of support hours per month. Options include vendor liaison services to see software support issues through to resolution, rapid troubleshooting through the Column5 data center, and guaranteed response times of 24 hours or less.

Managed Service:

Recent trends have led some companies to outsource all or part of BPC administration and maintenance. Clients have found that finding and maintaining their own internal resources to handle every aspect of their BPC enHand-pressing-a-cloud-computing-icon-000071881237_Small.jpgvironment can be tricky. Some companies struggle to support a global user community with a regional support team. Almost all find themselves committing significant resources to handle simple administrative tasks at the expense of pursuing enhancements to their EPM capabilities. Column5 Managed Service offers a remote proactive system administration. Clients are able to choose any set of support features applicable to their needs. Examples of these include: technical server administration, upgrades, functional system monitoring, planning support, and even functional enhancements.


Column5 offers several deployment options, and among the most exciting for fast start up time and cost efficiency are the cloud offerings. Column5 can host solutions temporarily internally, can deploy to the Amazon Cloud-computing--networking-concept-000025772157_Medium-1.jpgWeb Services (AWS) cloud, and can leverage SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) as just a few of the available deployment options. As a partner of Amazon Web Services Hosting, a system that is certified and recommended by SAP, Column5 can tailor a flexible plan that meets the needs of our clients. Benefits to the cloud deployment go beyond guaranteed system uptime, and cost efficient on-demand pricing; Column5 Technical Experts can provide server stewardship, data direct and other options for data integration, lower total cost of ownership, and there is no need for Basis, DB, or operating system support.


Part time help, emergency help, or a strategy of shifting work to highly qualified third parties…whatever may be driving your needs, Column5 has a plan to meet and exceed your expectations. Consider our services whenever you need to ensure your system is running trouble free and with the best possible support services in place.

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JP.pngAuthor Bio:

Jonathon Pause is the Managed Service Director and has been with Column5 for 8 years. He has over a decade of SAP BPC experience. 

Jonathon Pause, Managed Service Director, US Team 


Topics: Best Practices, Process Improvement, EPM Maturity, Cloud


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