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Annual Planning Season: Horror Movie or Walk in the Park?  Let’s Discuss!

Posted by
David Den Boer
David Den Boer
on Mon, Oct 14, 2019 @ 00:10 AM
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It’s that time again…no I’m not talking about Halloween; I mean something that can be even scarier – the dreaded Planning process! Ever feel like there’s a “Ghost in the Machine” haunting your users with poor performance and system instability?

Many organizations have a rough experience simply getting their planning solution deployed and operational the first time they go live. They adopt a belief that the system is so fragile that any adjustments like patching software components, risk causing the solution to crumble.

This is not true.  An EPM solution is like any other technology and stability requires maintenance and monitoring. In fact, unlike other solutions, EPM system parameters can change year over year and may simply require recalibration. Annual monitoring is best to determine whether adjustments are required, but if you have neglected the system for several years, this risky situation makes poor performance and instability a certainty.

So what can you do to improve? A Column5 Technical Health Check can be done in less than a week. You will receive a comprehensive report validating your server is ready for action, or a detailed list of specific adjustments to get it stable and performing. The problem starts with knowing that you have a problem. You can only develop a plan once you understand the problem.

Prefer to do the work yourself or build in-house skills? We have you covered. Review our available BPC Technical Training on our EPM Academy site and sign up for training to demystify BPC solution architecture and learn how to troubleshoot performance issues on your own. This intensive class is held at various times in our US and UK offices or consider holding a private training in your company office.

Don’t lose sleep over your BPC solution –instead, learn how to bring more value to your group and self-serve!

Are Your Users Scared to use EPM for Planning?

Some users engage with the planning function of their EPM solution once per year. Understandably, what knowledge they had last year may be quickly forgotten. Maybe they were never trained properly, and the user experience has been nightmarish since the beginning.

We can help. Column5’s EPM Academy has significant training offerings, from online courses to custom onsite training that make learning simple and affordable.

Choose from our extensive standard content library featuring topics such as basic system user information, administration, logic, and reporting; or choose to have professional custom content developed for your organization based on the solution you developed. Opportunities exist to use our standard content or yours.

  • Online eLearning - ala carte, each student chooses their own learning path
  • Online eLearning - All Access Pass: One low price for entire library. Most cost-effective way to train your entire team and keep them current with skills
  • In Person Public Workshops - Various topics held monthly around the US and Europe
  • In Person Semi-Private Workshops - Host a public class in your company’s office
  • In Person Private Workshop - Exclusive for your team, in your office
  • Bite Size Videos -Let us help you build a custom library of quick and engaging how-to videos on how to conduct key tasks within your solution
  • Technical Administrator Training - this intensive course is a must have for IT and System Admins who own performance. Exclusively offered in our offices (Scottsdale, AZ & London)
  • Summit Roadshows - Hands on training, peer networking – FREE! In select cities
  • EPM Leadership Summit- Membership program that entitles you to attend our week-long event in US or UK, exclusive content access online and other opportunities to learn more about EPM
View the available courses on the EPM Academy site.

Whichever way you go, there is no doubt that skilled and confident users are happier and more effective using any solution. Train your users and get better results!

Know Your System Could be Better but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Consider our EPM Assessment offer. We conduct a comprehensive check of your system from a technical and functional perspective – as well as an evaluation of the strategic intent of the solution. From this broad vantage point, we can make detailed recommendations to take your investment from a struggle to a triumph in returned value.

See our EPM Assessment site for more information.

Don’t Go Alone!

A staple scene in every horror movie involves a doomed member of the group going somewhere alone that is extremely inadvisable: a cellar in an abandoned house, a cave in the wilderness, or a cornfield at midnight. Spoiler Alert: this extremely poor choice leads to their doom. Pro Tip: You don’t want to be that person! When running your EPM solution, especially during critical processes, have a team of experts on standby to help steer you out of difficult situations. Column5 offers extended support plans to rapidly assist you.

New this year, selected extended support plans come with a free Summit Network Membership (a $3,000 value and includes one free EPM Summit pass in Vegas!)

Have Excess Budget This Year?

We are offering incentives for Services retainers purchased this year for use on projects next year. Contact me to discuss. And happy Planning everyone!

David Den Boer

Founder, Column5 Consulting



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