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Do You Need an SAP BPC Insurance Policy?

Posted by
David Den Boer
David Den Boer
on Fri, Feb 09, 2018 @ 14:02 PM
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Two things are certain in life: death and taxes. An EPM user might add “struggling with EPM software” to the list of unavoidable challenges. In the case of taxes, one could (and absolutely should) hire an experienced tax services provider to craft a tax minimizing strategy. You will still pay taxes, but the difference between paying a lot, or a little, lies in the expertise of who you hire.bpc insurance policy.png

Similarly, when hiring an EPM service provider, the risks of achieving an effective solution with solid performance (and value) depends largely on the quality of the resource selected. The risk of value eroding over time is unavoidable without a deliberate aversion strategy. The chance of a successful EPM solution implementation is only 25%. Our research indicates that 75% of EPM solutions fail to achieve the initiative’s anticipated goals. If you’re in that elite 25% with a successful implementation, it’s still unlikely that your solution will continue to be successful over time, due to factors like growing data volumes, increased users, aging hardware, version upgrades and expanding solution complexity. All EPM solutions will become difficult to contain – a truth as certain as death itself.  We depend on life insurance to hedge against the financial consequences of our own demise. How can you similarly mitigate runaway costs and adverse consequences in your EPM journey?

How can you insure your EPM solution against resources drained for the sake of solution stability? How can you defend against multiple years of ineffective and costly administrative and third-party consulting services? Can you avoid wasting the opportunity cost of failing to achieve an effective EPM implementation, giving its fullest and most valuable process improvement potential? Can you offset system-value leakage and have a shot to recover this lost value?

The 2018 EMEA EPM Leadership Summit is your answer. Summit is an annual conference unlike any you’ve attended before. Like other conferences, it’s a large gathering focused around a specific topic held in an event hall, but that’s where the similarities to other conferences begin and end. Most events are designed to sell you something, in our industry, that ‘something’ is software. Summit assumes that you are an existing SAP EPM customer— and it makes all the difference. Our attendees are looking for next-level information to unlock the potential of technology they already own, not seeking to understand what the software is or how to buy it.

EMEA Summit Date No Background
14 - 16 May, 2018

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Attending Summit saves significant resources that may have been poured into a faulty solution because you didn’t realize that life can be better! It is the only place to get critical insight on how to avoid catastrophic errors, as well as fine tuning the software you already own. Summit is the most affordable insurance policy available for EPM success.

Our analysis of events branded similarly to Summit indicates that when sales and marketing efforts are stripped from the limited EPM content at those shows, only a handful of hours of valuable content remain. This is not the case with Summit, as this event caters directly to the needs and concerns of SAP EPM software owners.

Don’t waste time being re-sold something you already own. Join your peers at the 2018 EMEA EPM Leadership Summit to insure your solution, helping achieve its ultimate value.

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David_Den_Boer.pngAuthor Bio:

David Den Boer founded Column5 Consulting in 2005. Under David´s leadership, Column5 has evolved beyond its reputation for technically superior solutions to be an influential global provider of high—value EPM solutions. His prior experience includes consulting experience as Director of Services at OutlookSoft from 2000 to 2005.



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