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How SAP BPC Training is Shifting in Today’s Climate

Posted by
Andrew Ford
Andrew Ford
on Tue, Jul 07, 2020 @ 09:07 AM

How many children are now learning via laptop or pad on the couch?  And how many of you are now having to take virtual SAP BPC training since face-to-face training has been affected due to social distancing?

Many of us in the workforce have taken eLearning courses ourselves – which can be defined as educational content that is consumed via digital technology. This may surprise some, but eLearning has been around for about 22 years now and has been evolving at an explosive pace. From plastic laminated slides, to CD-ROM disks, and now micro-eLearning on your cell phone, learning and development has been continuously impacting our youth as well as ourselves.

SAP BPC Training


From the 1990 - 2020

When PC launched in 1975, followed by Microsoft Office in 1990, once termed “learning on demand” (eLearning), began to popularize when educators began requesting technical upgrades. With the advancements in wireless capabilities, educational gaming, learning management systems, and social media, eLearning continued to slowly grow until it hit rapid development in the early 2000’s.

From the turn of the millennia, and for a decade more, eLearning would see a huge boost in traction and development when user-friendly tools began to surface for web designers to use. With cell phone usage on the rise, online learning began to shift toward mobile internet, podcasting, and eBooks. Today, you also see this majorly impacting our children’s schools. Traditional textbooks are now being replaced with eco-friendly PDF versions.

Once 2010 hit, development of eLearning applications only increased and were designed for students, trainers, and businesses. Our own Sap BPC online training was no exception. Collaboration through the Cloud made developing content quicker and increased production. Students could gain access to multiple subjects at one time, and professionals could obtain multiple skill sets to better themselves.  Make sure your training is offering such access.

Training also began to branch into virtual reality and augmented reality for the first time, making immersive experiences possible for educators. Virtual and augmented reality have been used widely all over the world such as amusement parks and museum exhibits.

However, how many of us train with augmented reality every day? Schools and corporations have both been at the intersection of holding onto old practices verses revamping their learning process and knowledge transfer.


Sap BPC online training


January 2020 to Today

With the 2020 COVID-19 crisis suddenly hitting the globe, all of us are continuously adjusting to this way of living. In some ways we are lucky the technology stack has developed into where it is today for students and professionals to access remote learning. Old-school lecture approaches, and outdated methods, are now being pushed out for innovative learning solutions. With a dramatic increase in virtual trainings, SAP BPC online training, and events being scheduled, technology is evolving collaboration and training even further.  

Column5’s Future Training Development

What makes Column5’s training team unique is their background. Both curriculum developers and trainers have degree’s in education and have a passion to keep learning about development relevant to EPM solutions. Staying at the forefront of educational trends is what we strive to maintain. Here are some ways we are adapting and developing new training:

  • Mobile Learning Courses
    • We understand how precious time can be, so why not make it available anywhere? Our training is formatted to be accessible even from your mobile phone.
  • Software Simulated Labs
    • We create hands-on simulated labs that transport the learner inside the software tool, where it guides them through each process.
  • Personalized Learning
    • We build customized and personalized learning experiences that will cater to your specific learning needs and skill sets.
  • Affordability & Accessibility
    • We lowered the cost for our trainings and provided alternative virtual options during this time.
  • Learning as a Service
    • We now offer our full eLearning course library as a subscription package. This package also gives you access into our EPM Training Community which means you can interact and share tips with other students.


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