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SAP EPM & Analytics Professionals: Give Your Career & System the Support They're Missing

Posted by
John Bergquist
John Bergquist
on Thu, Nov 19, 2020 @ 11:11 AM
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Attn: SAP EPM & Analytics Professionals

How to supercharge your career, get trained, get insider tricks from peers, and take your EPM (SAP BPC, SAC, S4) skills to leadership level all in one place.

(this works whether you're an executive, power user, or technical user)

Did you know that according to our research across 100s of implementations, 75% of EPM solutions fail to achieve the initiative’s anticipated goals? Even if your implementation was in the top 25% it has likely suffered over time from bloated data volumes, more users, old hardware, version upgrades (or lack of), and expanding complexity. 

Here is the problem you face: most people like to try to go at it alone.

SAP EPM training | community |  forums for SAP BPC, SAC, S4 users

You attempt to figure out SAP's roadmap, plus manage your own SAP EPM processes, plus teach yourself some new skills in your spare time - all by yourself. Which means you'll never achieve the career success, skill level, or EPM system/process performance you could have if you only had gotten some help along the way. This applies to you whether you are an executive, power user, or technical support staff, and whether you run SAP BPC, Analytics Cloud, and/or S/4HANA. 

Luckily for you, there's now a solution so you don't have to go at it alone anymore. 

Leadership Online Community for SAP EPM and Analytics ProfessionalsEverybody works faster and gets further with a "better half", a buddy, or a support system.  Batman has Robin, Miss Piggy has Kermit, and Mickey has Minnie. Now you've got a support system too.  Let me introduce you to the all-new EPM Summit Network, an online Leadership Community for SAP EPM & Analytics Professionals that will supercharge your career and your EPM (SAP BPC, SAC, S4) skills all in one place


Your New SAP EPM Support System:

The EPM Summit Network is an online community of your SAP EPM and Analytics peers moderated by product and process experts from Column5 and SAP.  Whether you’re an executive, power user, or technical user, come join your fellow FP&A change-makers plus Column5 and SAP product experts in discussing real solutions to real problems.  You'll be able to take your SAP BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud skills to a much higher leadership level than you ever could on your own.

You'll have all you need to take your company’s EPM strategy, system and your career to the summit. Subscribing to the EPM Summit Network will let you connect with expert content, product know-how and other SAP EPM solution users regardless of your role in the organization or where you are in your EPM journey.  You don't have to go it alone anymore.

What's Included: Through either personal or corporate memberships you'll have year-round access to:

  • Courses: eLearning content on all things EPM available 24/7
  • Forums: Want to discuss EPM related topics with peers around the world? Chat, share tips, and learn from each other.
  • Content: Need tips and tricks, or want to learn new concepts? Check out our EPM Summit Network exclusive content.
  • Events: You can't have too many friends, especially if those friends know all about EPM! Network with peers at one of our events

EPM Summit Network for SAP BPC, SAC, S4 users | Community Features

Position yourself and your team to be the difference makers and be part of something powerful!

Schedule your guided tour here and see if the EPM Summit Network is right for you or your team


David Den Boer, CEO and Founder, Column5 Consulting



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