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What’s the ROI of Your BPC Implementation?

Posted by Rick Bryant on Wed, Oct 22, 2014 @ 14:10 PM

Benchmarking-Survey_Logo“Is our BPC implementation working well?  How are competitors using the same software?  What are the best practices?  What is the ROI?”

Here at Column5, we hear these same questions when talking to different customers about Enterprise Performance Management.  Right now, answers depend on who you ask, and that is a challenge.  There are no right answer to these questions, but there are insights to be gained from asking them.  Today, there is no such forum for EPM practitioners to share information and learn from each other, so Column5 is stepping in to provide that forum!  We are pleased to announce the BPC Benchmarking Survey!

Our goal with this new offering to help companies gain a better understanding of how other companies are using and getting value out of their investments in Enterprise Performance Management. Benchmarking is perhaps the most effective way to encourage people to look beyond their own organizations in search of new ideas and improvement opportunities.  We want to provide such a platform for companies.  Through this new service we will be conducting a series of studies and sharing the findings in whitepapers and seminars, such as our EPM Education Series, on an ongoing basis.

Our first two studies will focus on SAP’s Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), and will be followed by an in-depth Enterprise Performance Management study we are authoring with our partners at EPM International.  As someone who has worked with BPC for over 14 years, I am excited to conduct a study focused exclusively on BPC, which has not been done before.  

If you are a BPC customer, we invite you to take the both of our surveys: BPC Benchmarking Survey – Usage and BPC Benchmarking Survey – Performance.  The questions on these surveys are strategically targeted - short, but comprehensive, so each survey should only take about 30 minutes.

We value your input, so for your company’s participation we will provide the whitepapers sharing our findings, and you will be entered to win a pass to Column5’s EPM Leadership Summit!  The Summit will be taking place at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas in February 2015, coinciding with the announcement of the study’s results. If you haven't already please register now to attend this exciting event! 

We hope you are excited to learn more about BPC usage, and will help us in creating the most in-depth study of BPC usage available!

Take the BPC Benchmarking Survey NOW! 

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