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Mike Sullivan
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How To: Drill Through from SAP BPC

Posted by Mike Sullivan on Thu, Aug 24, 2017 @ 08:08 AM

The ability to drill through from BPC to more detailed information is a high value exercise for a relatively low investment - yet it continues to be one of BPC’s most overlooked features. 

The typical use cases are as follows:

  • Lower level connection with details
    • Exact, accurate actuals for run rates, deconstructing numbersDetails necessary to calculate drivers that drive the accurate plan
    • Ability to link to transactional systems at the lowest level of detail for drill through
    • Time definition is the frequent axis for alignment
  • Automate time to explain variances & identify anomalies
    • Understand exactly what transaction drives variance (if applicable)
    • For close, audits, and other reconciliation exercises, spot suspect numbers
  • Convenience builds user adoption Adds functionality like drill through to details, even possibly images
    • “One stop shopping” user experience
    • No need to switch tools wholesale as data gets lower in details

Topics: BPC, BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation), Functional, Data, reporting

Live from #SAPEPM2014 - New Cloud Planning from SAP

Posted by Mike Sullivan on Tue, Oct 14, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

Column5 is at the SAP Conference for EPM, and was there to witness SAP’s recent announcement of SAP Cloud for Planning!

Topics: Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Cloud, BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation)

What Should an SAP BPC Team Look Like? Update!

Posted by Mike Sullivan on Tue, Sep 23, 2014 @ 11:09 AM

The landscape of an EPM project is literally changing right before our eyes. In fact, we posted a blog on this topic not long ago and realized that there were several updates that needed to be made. Not because the post was incorrect but because the practice in the field had changed in a few short years.

Topics: Thought Leadership, Project Management, Implementation

Adding Value through the BPC Consolidation Process – Part II

Posted by Mike Sullivan on Thu, Oct 10, 2013 @ 08:10 AM

In part one of this post we explored some of the areas where SAP Business Planning and Consolidation has added significant value to the Consolidation process through the use of Business Process Flows. The Business Process Flow not only aided in guiding a user through the steps in a process but served as a mechanism to allow once time consuming centralized tasks to be pushed upstream and distributed across the user base.  This post will dive into some key model considerations that need to be addressed in order to achieve this value.

Topics: Training, Value, BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation)

Adding Value Through the Consolidation Process - Part One

Posted by Mike Sullivan on Wed, Feb 06, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

If you have recently evaluated replacing your consolidation system, you were undoubtedly faced with justifying the value of the solution. While a new solution will have a plenty of new features and performance benefits, at the end of the day, the accounting rules that need to be followed and the results being generated are the same. Today, we are seeing more consolidation system evaluations based not only on adding value, but more importantly their ability to integrate with and add value to the overall enterprise performance management (EPM) processes. Implementing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is one way of accomplishing that, particularly through the use of business process flows (BPFs).

Topics: Process Improvement, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Consolidation, Value, Data, BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation)

From the Trenches: Practical Benefits of SAP EPM10

Posted by Mike Sullivan on Thu, Dec 13, 2012 @ 09:12 AM
At Column5, we are putting significant effort into converting/upgrading our industry-leading EPM accelerators & starter kits, demos, and best practices to the SAP EPM10 platform. Our consultants who are developing these solutions wanted to provide a brief update to inform IT and finance BPC administrators/power users about several important changes. Some of the high-level benefits that our team has noted to date are even greater stability than previous versions, more end-user control/flexibility to build and customize reports, and an improved interface in several areas. Key changes and enhancements to EPM10 that have had the most impact from a tactical build perspective are as follows:
  • Much improved web interface allows more flexibility, greater reach, and improved functionality
  • Very quick and easy to build web templates
  • User-friendly Flash interface
  • Users have greater flexibility to take a delivered input template and customize it for their needs
  • Fully web-based admin client
  • Web-based journals
  • All web-based functions, including admin, are integrated
  • Excel add-in has much better ad-hoc reporting capability, and it is even easier for end users to create their own reports.
  • Logic improvements
    • Performance is improved on the NetWeaver platform.
    • Much improved Logic IDE (drag-and-drop syntax, color-coded syntax formatting)
  • Administrative improvements
    • Visual hierarchy editor in admin
    • Less case-sensitivity restrictions
    • Improved auditing capabilities
    • Dimension members can now be up to 32 characters
  • Consolidation functionality is much more robust
  • Other notable BPC enhancements and favorites of our team
    • Integrated dashboards
    • Multiple selection of dimension members at the page level (pseudo hierarchies)
To receive additional details about new EPM10 capabilities as they emerge, or for a personalized demo, contact us at http://www.column5.com/contact-us

Topics: Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)


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